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For Affordable Repairs That Last,
Call one of Erie’s Best Home Repair Handyman/Contractor

Small Home Repair Handyman
Repair Services/Contractor

Serving Erie, Millcreek, Fairview, Avonia, Girard, Kearsarge, Summit, McKean PA.
and Surrounding Areas

There are plenty of guys out there calling themselves “Handyman” but do they know what they are doing?

Home repair handyman Erie PA

I’ve always hated to be labeled “Handyman” even tho I am a handy man. I have been a professional involved in the home building, home remodeling and home repair industry practically my whole life. Born and raised on a 7 acre mini farm in Millcreek, I was formerly a licensed building contractor in Florida and have spent my whole life designing, building, remodeling and repairing residential homes. ( I use to specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling.)

Now, being semi retired, I prefer small home repair jobs that can be completed in just a couple hours – unless you don’t mind the job dragging out for a while. ( I don’t have a truck to haul materials anymore either.)

If you need a handyman/contractor/serviceman for any kind of home repair problem, call me, and if know I can fix it, you’ll save a lot vs calling most any other contractor.  If, during the call, I ‘m not sure if I can handle the problem, I may be willing to check it out for you for free with the understanding that you hire me if I determine I am able to do it.

Some Home Handyman Services might include:
Adjust doors and cabinets, re-caulk bathtubs, replace window ropes, hang pictures, assemble furniture, hang shelves, small paint or wallpaper jobs, etc. You’ll be amazed at how well I clean up dirty-grungy bathtubs.

.. Sorry, NO Roofs, Gutters, Concrete or Work over 8’…

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Plumbing Installations & Repairs

Are you looking for someone to fix leaky faucet? – Is your toilet always running? Need someone to fix a water leak?

Most leaky faucets can be fixed by replacing the washers or seats. Running toilets can usually be fixed for around $45 – $65 including parts.
I do have a minimum charge of $45.00 but that is NOT a service call fee, it is part of my hourly rate of $50.00/hr for plumbing. (Compare that to minimum $85.00 fee most plumbers charge)

Some small plumbing repair jobs might be:


  • Bath Faucet Repair
  • Bath Faucet Replacement
  • Faucet Washer Replacement
  • Toilet Repair
  • Toilet Water Fill Valve Replacement
  • Toilet Flapper Valve Replacement
  • Replace Insides of Toilets
  • Toilet Replacement
  • Replace Vanity Cabinets
  • Replace Sink Tops
  • Repair a Leaky Kitchen Faucet
  • Kitchen Faucet Replacement
  • Fix a bathtub faucet leaking
  • Wax Seal Replacement
  • Water Heater Replacement

Electrical Installations & Repairs

Tho I’m not a licensed electrician, I did wire many log homes when I was building houses in Florida in the 70’s. I learned a lot from the licensed electritian who oversaw our installations. I can repair loose or add receptacles & switches. I can change light fixtures or add them. I can check out electrical problems, etc. I can add or replace fans. I can replace breakers. (Sorry, upgrading service panels is more than I want to do these days).

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