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Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs – another one of my Handyman Services.

Tho I’m not a licensed electrician, I did wire many log homes when I was building houses in Florida in the 70’s. I learned a lot from the licensed electrician who oversaw our installations. I can repair loose or add receptacles & switches. I can change light fixtures or add them. I can check out electrical problems, etc. I can add or replace fans. I can replace breakers. (Sorry, upgrading service panels is more than I want to do these days).

If you have some kind of problem, call me, and if know I can fix it, you’ll save you a lot vs calling an electrician. If during the call, I ‘m not sure if I can find the problem, I may be willing to check it out for you for free with the understanding that you hire me if I determine I am able ti do it.

A Few Electrical Repair Services

  • Lamp Repair
  • Electric Switch Replacement
  • Electric Receptacle Replacement
  • Replace Ceiling Fan
  • Install Ceiling Fan
  • Replace Water Heater
  • Replace Light Fixtures
  • Add a light Fixture
  • Move a Light Fixture

Some Interesting ?  Electrical Repair Shots

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