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Home Repairs


A collection of hand tools.

Being semi retired, I prefer jobs that can be completed in just a couple hours unless you don’t mind the job dragging out for a while.
( I use to specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling).

Some of my Home Handyman Repair Services might include:

Handyman will assemble furnitureAdjust doors and cabinets, hang pictures, assemble furniture, hang shelves, Install hand rails and railings, small paint or wallpaper jobs, etc.

Brian's CarAnother reason I say I want small jobs is I don’t have a truck. I can install tub surrounds, for instance, but if full sheets of drywall are needed for wall repair, you’ll need to have it delivered. This also means I do not haul away large amounts of debris. (Of cource we can hire trash haulers for that.)

A Few Home Repair Services

  • Small Carpentry Jobs
  • Adjust Doors
  • Replace Doors
  • Adjust Doors
  • Replace Door Handles
  • Install Locks
  • Install Peep Holes
  • Install Kick Plates
  • Install Hand Rails
  • Install Railings
  • Re-caulk bathtub
  • Clean Bathtubs
  • Replace window ropes
  • Re-glaze Windows
  • Repair Screens
  • Install Replacement Windows
  • Assemble Furniture
  • Small Paint Jobs

Some Interesting ?  Home Repair Shots

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