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Furniture Assembly - As of 10/01/2020

Assembling furniture can be a pain. If you have no experience at it, you probably will find the instructions quite confusing. Often, the images seem to be from outer-space and distinguishing between the hundreds of parts can leave you pulling your hair out.

If you are the type that finds it hard to conceptualize and picture what the instructions are intending, you’re better off hiring someone to put your furniture together for you.

According to the people over at Thumbtack – “The national average cost for furniture assembly is $120 – $150. People most commonly hire pros to help assemble beds, desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, entertainment centers, coffee tables, outdoor furniture, and playground sets.”

To me, furniture assembly is pretty easy. Although every unit and every manufacture make it almost mandatory for one to follow the directions to the  T in order to build the unit correctly, it isn’t rocket science.

Therefore, my pricing for furniture repair in the Erie, Pa region is as follows:

  • Rates based on the nearest 1/2 hr.
  • Minimum – $45.00
  • Base rate $30.00/hr. for 1st 2 hours. (1 3/4 hr = $60.00)
  • Hours 2 – 4  – $25.00/hr. (3 hr = $75.00)
  • Over 4 hours  – $20.00/hr. (4 hr = $80 – 5 hr = $100)

The longest it’s taken me so far is 4 hours working on a piece like this:

As of 10/01/2020


Basically – $50.00/hr


Basically – $40.00/hr


Basically – $30.00/hr – Min $45.00