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Vinyl Replacement Window Repair

It never ceases to amaze me how little some people know about how things work.

Today I was called upon to see what I could do about getting some windows to work.

The first one was a real cheap vinyl replacement window. I say cheap because I’ve never seen so many things wrong with one window unit.

Some how, it seemed like the top sash was too small for the frame. (Looking back now, as I have already left the job, I don’t think this was a “welded unit” so it is possible that the frame was stretched apart when installed which would cause it to appear large.)

Anyway, the sash does not fit very tight in the frame which makes it not open and close very cleanly.

Whoever worked on it last, did not have either of the  sash mounting pins in the top sash engaged with their respective holders in the balances. One pin was actually broken off so I couldn’t get the window fixed completely.

Engaging the pin on one side did allow the window to stay in what ever position I placed the sash in. Before, it would not stay up at all.

I hadn’t watched any videos on YouTube, so I didn’t know how easy it would be to replace the balance. (If I had the right tool.)

The bottom sash would not stay up when lifted and I would of liked to see if I could twist the balance springs system to see if I could get more lifting tension. I didn’t do it because, since I didn’t have the balance installation tool, I was afraid the spring might slip out of my control and mess everything up.

Search For Replacement Balances Here.

The only problem with the other windows was they were painted shut.

This is a common occurrence that is easily prevented if the painters would be more careful and take the time to make sure the windows operate before during and after the paint dries.

All ya need to do is use a utility knife or putty knife to cut the paint line and “break” the window loose from paint’s grip.

In the pic above, you can see that the window is completely painted wonder it wouldn’t open!


So, I used a putty knife to pry the window and jamb apart…

You can prevent  the window being painted shut by moving the sashes up and down a few times as the paint is drying.

Even professional painters don’t like to do this because it takes time to go back and check ea window during and after the painting process. But, if you’re paying top dollor for a paint job, they certainly should do it!


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